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Polycarbonate Espresso 250mL

Drink your favourite hot drink in unbreakable style

The PS-13 Espresso is a European design and is the perfect unbreakable coffee glass for cafes. It has an ergonomic handle and has great insulating properties and will keep its contents warmer for longer than any other glass.

polycarbonate 250mL Espresso

Product Description

  • 250mL Espresso
  • Model No: PS-13

Product Features

  1. Ergonomic handle
  2. Unbreakable european design
  3. Great insulation properties

Retail sales

buy espresso glass online
from Webcrew Online Distribution

Wholesale Enquiries

If you're a pub, club, resort or hotel please contact us and we'll direct you to your nearest distributor. Polysafe does not sell directly to the public.

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