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Polycarbonate Schooner - 425mL

Our most popular unbreakable beer glass

As Australian as Kylie or the meat pie. This little beauty has been delivering cold beer to thirsty lips since in the invention of the wheel. Our Polysafe polycarbonate schooner is as close to the real thing as it gets, while making your venue safer than ever before.

Polycarbonate schooner glass

Product Description

  • 425mL Schooner Glass
  • Model No: PS-1

Product Features

  1. Capacity Marking
  2. Nucleated Base for maximum beer action
  3. Classic Conical Design
  4. Thick Heavy Base

Retail sales

buy schooner online
from Webcrew Online Distribution

Wholesale Enquiries

If you're a pub, club, resort or hotel please contact us and we'll direct you to your nearest distributor. Polysafe does not sell directly to the public.

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