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Polycarbonate Wine Glass 250mL

A wine glass that outlasts all other drinkware

Our polycarbonate wine glasses have a subtle and unique line on the side of the glass at the 150mL level. This means that you'll always get 5 glasses of wine to every 750mL bottle. You'll save money in wastage and unnecessary stock loss.

Polycarbonate Wine Glass

Product Description

  • 250mL Wine Glass
  • Model No: PS-6

Product Features

  1. 150mL Plimsal Line
  2. Light elegant feel
  3. Rounded drinking lip

Retail sales

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from Webcrew Online Distribution

Wholesale Enquiries

If you're a pub, club, resort or hotel please contact us and we'll direct you to your nearest distributor. Polysafe does not sell directly to the public.

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